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I actively encourage really honest feedback and constructive criticism from everyone who attends my courses and workshops. This enables me to continually develop and improve the ways I can offer the most useful guidance to people interested in learning how to see in a way that enables them to draw and paint the pictures they want to create.

Below are a few of the responses I've received.


"When we worked at the easel, Hugh was keen to give guidance, a different perspective and readily answered all questions. Throughout the workshop the ambience was supportive and Hugh aimed to provide individual tuition as appropriate. It was a luxury to have a range of models available to us. On reflection, I realise how important it is to pay particular attention to accurately ‘mapping’ the features of a face, as this approach is fundamental in achieving a likeness. I enjoyed focusing on portrait painting and I would happily attend future workshops with Hugh.


"I enjoyed your 3-day Portrait Painting in Oils course at The Poly. I usually use other mediums and subjects and was keen to get rid of my hang ups about using oils and doing portraits. I found your tips about medium mixing and using a limited palette useful and came away from the course feeling more confident. Support from the others in the small group was good and the models were amazing.”


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Hugh Appleton studying portraiture at The Poly in Falmouth. The studio was spacious with plenty of natural light and enough space for everyone to take up a good position in front of the model; the music added a great vibe.  Hugh created a lovely relaxed atmosphere, initially demonstrating painting technique, then allowing us to work independently but on hand to help and assist as required. I particularly enjoyed having Hugh paint alongside us during the sessions as it added a "collaborative feel” to the process.”


“I have found great benefit in attending Hugh Appleton’s art classes, Hugh brings his inspiration and knowledge to make the sessions very accessible to the novice, and makes the whole experience very inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable.  I have found the sessions very healing to be in a space where it is acceptable to explore the freedom to draw and explore your own creativity, with expert guidance on hand to help you develop your skills.”


"I’ve attended 2 of my 6 sessions so far on my portrait drawing/painting class with Hugh and both times has been a great breath of fresh air in my life each week. It’s a session I can just lose myself in and just be present, calm and do something completely for myself. 

Hugh himself is a fantastic “teacher” - more like a supportive friend who happens to be greatly skilled in portraiture sharing that knowledge in a non pretentious, collaborative way; which is always done with each individual’s needs taken into account. 

In particular, my autistic PDA brother is also attending the classes with me and somehow Hugh seems to know just how to interact with him so that he is comfortable but challenged to just the right level that he’s open, engaged and willing to think outside the box !!

You can tell he loves what he does and sharing that with others to build us all up, no matter our skill level!! Thanks Hugh"


I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and am recommending them far and wide


I have loved these self portraiture sessions. It was well over 10 years since I last painted or drew anything more than a stickman and I’ve been coming to these classes and it’s totally inspired me to pick up a paintbrush again! 

Hugh has been a brilliant teacher. His humble approach and humour helped us to relax into the process.  He has explained why it can feel so difficult to draw or paint faces and gives a whole range of tips to try no matter your level. I am so glad I put aside my fears of failure and signed up to the class as I now feel I have a whole toolbox of approaches that will help to improve my art.


I just want to say thanks for your inspiring workshops. I am really sad that they have come to an end. 


Today you guided me (and tweeked the composition) at just the right moments which helped me hold my nerve! It really was an interesting experience. I’ve got brushes and lining paper and will go on line to find the paint and gesso. 


I had a seriously enjoyable time yesterday. I so appreciated your generosity in passing on your knowledge without reserve; the notes you've made above are invaluable!  I wrote most of it down in my art notebook, but missed a few points, so am really grateful.  I'm bursting with creativity and so eager to learn today!


I found your breakdowns of the theory incredibly helpful. This experience really opened up my mind to how I could work with the medium. With one more session to go, I am very pleased to say, without a shadow of a doubt, I have learned a lot from this course already and also feel more comfortable with both mediums, though especially oils, despite once believing they simply weren't a medium I had the patience for. I also very much appreciated all the notes I received on my work as it helped me to notice when I was falling into what my brain thought was there instead of what was actually present. This improved the quality of my drawings significantly!

Thank you very much for all your time. I valued the opportunity to get creative and hone my skills


I'm loving the course. I really enjoy your content, and appreciate your encouragement. It must be a challenge, with everyone expressing their work in diverse ways, but we all seem to get along well.


“The art classes have helped me enormously. Until I took part I had no social life and met very few people making me very anxious and nervous. Hugh is a talented artist and has helped me find a new interest, and I look forward to art class every week. Long may it continue.”


“The painting group, run by Hugh is a wonderful, inclusive and encouraging group. I have no painting skills, but enjoyed feeling creative in the group.  It is lovely to be able to get out and socialise with like-minded people. I do hope this group will continue for a long time to come.”


“Hi Hugh, I really hope the painting group continues, I've been looking forward to coming back! I don't do a lot socially but the painting group does feel like a safe and comfortable environment to learn to be around people...for someone as socially inept as me the singular activity (plus the group mentality) has been an absolutely essential thing.”


“The course has been very provoking and instructive as well as giving me time out from myself and I have enjoyed myself considerably. I hope the course continues and that I may attend.”


“The class has been very helpful to me as I enjoy the companionship of other interested painters, it helps me to keep focussed on what I’m doing and gives me the confidence I need. I appreciate being able to pop into your class. It helps me overcome inertia."


“The painting class was very relaxing. It was great to learn different styles and techniques.”


“Really enjoying the course and chat. Hugh has got me to draw. Never done art! All my family are well impressed with my work last week. Thank you so much for bringing it out of me.”


“I would just like to say how much I really enjoyed today. After going through some tough times physically and mentally, being able to do this course I regarded as a form of therapy. I found it fun and relaxing, and great to meet new friends. I feel that it would be hugely beneficial to all involved if this course was to continue.”

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